Chamber membership brings you opportunity.
You can take advantage of a myriad of opportunities to make new business connections through the Chamber’s events and programs. You’ll be able to build important relationships that bring new and additional business your way.


The Chamber is the collective voice of small business in the community.
Most small business owners don’t have time to attend the various government and business meetings each year where issues are discussed and decisions are made that impact your business.  The Chamber provides this service for you, making sure you know about important issues and what they may mean to your business.  We work hard to ensure a positive, pro-business climate in this area to help you be successful. 


Your Chamber membership makes a positive difference in the community. 
Membership investment enables the Chamber to provide the kinds of programs and services that lead to economic prosperity for people who have chosen the Delta area for their business and home.  In addition to the many benefits of your Chamber membership that come directly to your business, your investment in us demonstrates your support for a larger community and your role in making Delta a great place to live, work and play.


We invite you to be part of a dynamic organization working to ensure a prosperous future.

If you would like to become a chamber member, please print the Membership Application below,

fill it out and Send payment and application to:

Delta Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 987
Delta Junction, AK 99737


Or drop off at the chamber office:
The Delta Junction Visitor Center

1422 Alaskan Highway