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Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce


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THE SECRET IS OUT!    Delta Junction is the REAL Alaskan Experience!


If you enjoy the outdoors, Delta Junction is the place to be.  The climb to Donnelly Dome,

 with an elevation of 3,910 feet, is not easy but has been made by many and offers a breathtaking

 view of the Alaska Range and the many lakes that dot the landscape. Fishing is abundant!

Hunting (in season), camping, picnicking, hiking, berry picking, cross-country skiing, ice hockey,

 snow machining and/or guided tours are here awaiting you.  Farming has developed into a

 sustainable industry in the past 20 years, due to the ideal growing conditions in the Interior of

Alaska. Along with garage door operations to tradition farming operations, alternative livestock farms with buffalo, reindeer,

 yak and elk are seen throughout the area, as well as many greenhouses.


Visit us at Milepost 1422 "End of the Alaska Highway" and have your photo taken in front of the

 World Famous Milepost.  Stop by the Visitor information Center for brochures and information to

 help make your visit to Alaska a memorable one. Certificates are available certifying you have

completed the Alaska Highway as well as souvenirs.